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Kali Linux Basic Commands

Kali Linux Basic Commands

 File Operations

pwd              Print Name Of Current/Working Directory
cd                 Changing The Working Directory
cp                 Copy Files Or Directory
rm                 Remove Files And Directory
ls                   List Of Directory Contents
mkdir             Make Directory
cat                 Concatenate Files And Print On Standard Output
mv                 Move Files
chmod           Change Files Permissions

Know Your System
uname            Print System Information
who               Show Who Is Logged On
cal                 Displays Calculator
date               Print System Date And Time
df                   Report File System Disk Space Usage
du                  Estimate File Space Usage
ps                  Displays Information Of Current Active Processes
kill                 Allows To Kills Process
clear              Clear The Terminal Screen
cat /proc/cpuinfo      Cpuinfo Display CPU Information
cat /proc/meminfo    Display Memory Information


tar                To Store And Extract Files From An Archive File Known As Tar File
gzip              Compress Or Decompress Named Files


ifconfig          To Config Network Interface
ping               Check The Other System Are Reachable From The Host System
wget              Download Files From Network
ssh                Remote Login Program
ftp                 Download/Upload Files From/To Remote System
last                Displays List Of Last Logged In User
telnet             Used To Communicate With Another Host Using THe Telnet Protocol

 Searching Files

grep              Search Files(s) For Specific Text
find               Search For Files In A Directory Hierarchy
locate            Find Files By Name

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